COVID-19 – Hotel Marketing Considerations

Friends, partners and everyone in this industry that we all love:

With the all the unknowns and ongoing developments, we feel it’s an important time to come together collectively as members of the hospitality community. As an agency, we have an incredible network of great minds, and we’re calling on them to think positively during this time. This moment, in fact, is not a moment to be scared and put our tails between our legs, but a moment to be bold and seek connection.

We’re cracking open digital communication to start a dialogue on the impacts of COVID-19 and the opportunities we see to share ideas. We encourage you all to keep in touch, keep communicating, and keep the conversations going here and on our multiple channels: @sphrcl and can connect directly with Adam @adwal or LI

See a collection of our hotel marketing considerations during this time. We encourage our friends, partners, and fellow travel marketers to reach out with ideas and opinions on the topic.


  • Promote flexible change/ cancellation policies (proactively email about policy)
  • Provide an “extend-your-stay” offer for incoming travelers that already have stays on the books to help drive LOS
  • Remove advance purchase
  • Play up staycation and local F&B offers


  • Target audiences in your local and drive market
  • Consider pausing media in heavily impacted international markets like APAC and EU
  • Focus on younger demographic given likelihood to travel during this time or book travel for coming months
  • Add negative match terms for paid search around coronavirus


  • Monitor your social media channels for mentions/concerns and develop an action plan to address any statements
  • Utilize local influencer stays
  • Showcase photo/video assets that focus more on wellness, self-care, spa, the outdoors, fresh air, etc. (vs. city shots)
  • Be sensitive to photo/video with crowds and lots of people
  • Soften CTA to Book Now


  • Consider homepage messaging if you have properties in high impact areas
  • Update your Google My Business listing:
    • Change business hours: If your business has changed, update the times when you’ll be open or closed
    • Update business description: Explain whether or not your business operations are affected by COVID-19. Additionally, you can share information about any extra precautions your business is taking.


  • Build photo/video libraries with local talent
  • Focus on robust local events to attract your F&B and staycations
  • Leverage unique content opportunities based on the current situation of many working remotely:
      • Hotel chefs cooking at home tips
      • Housekeeping tips for home care
      • Concierge tours

    *** Important note: We recognize that this situation is evolving and changing very quickly for all. We are aware that this recommendations will be changing rapidly and different for many people. So consider this an evolving document. ***


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