What we do

Lifestyle brands are changing the hospitality industry. Hotels of all sizes, from independent boutiques to luxury flagships, are no longer simply a bed and continental breakfast. They now define their offerings around the lifestyle brand concept, creating spaces where people meet, eat, drink, see entertainment and do business.

As cities around the world become crowded with these lifestyle brands, we have made it our mission to set our clients apart from the rest. Through design, content and social media, the Spherical team makes sure every consumer touch point in the digital space tells a unique story for our hospitality and travel clients.

The Spherical Curve

At Spherical, we stray away from the straight path. Every brand we work with has a different story to tell and requires a custom approach to digital marketing. Our team of strategists, editors, writers, photographers and designers keeps our clients ahead of the curve—selling a vision of a lifestyle that travelers want to lead, rather than talking only about hotel offerings.


Design is in Everything

Our Approach

  • Design a beautiful website with innovative booking technology.
  • Build traffic through SEO-driven content marketing.
  • Use original editorial content as the foundation of a social media strategy.
  • Develop online community through social media outreach.
  • Leverage social media and content marketing to drive traffic back to the website.

Our Capabilities

  • Website design & development
  • Content strategy & production
  • Social media strategy & community management
  • Search
  • Photography & video

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