Amanyara is a crown jewel of the collection of Aman resorts – located on a remote set of shores in Turks & Caicos. The resort, rooted in wellness and luxury offers a variety of immersions and activities for individual and family travelers alike. 1km of private beach and rich marine life make Amanyara an ultimate location for nature discovery, tranquil retreats, and underwater adventure. Amanyara came to Spherical with a need for social media strategy and execution that would translate the exclusive experiences on property to the digital space.

Spherical's approach follows Aman's corporate brand guidelines. Each of Amanyara’s story narrative should be told through the lens of the “Spirit of Aman”. Amanyara is grown from the environment which surrounds it - deeply rooted in wellness, the landscape, and the adventure to be had.

Imagery is vital to bringing to life the "Spirit of Aman", creating a visual narrative of the
Amanyara experience. We produced a photo shoot in December 2019, with a focus on the different experiences at the resort, such as, The Discovery Center, Wellness Facilities, Sport and Water Activities, Food and Beverage and the resort's staff. Images share the unique nature of the resort giving our audience sense and context of space.

Community Management is an extension to Amanyara's intuitive service. We have developed a social media voice that is both elevated and informative.

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