Spherical is a boutique digital marketing agency for lifestyle brands in hospitality and travel. We tell compelling stories for our clients through a creative, insights-driven approach to all things digital—from web design and development to content strategy and production to social media marketing and community management


  • 01 Website Design & Development

    Spherical’s design team creates effective and engaging digital brand experiences. We offer our hotel clients all the benefits of a digital marketing agency, with creative directors, UX designers, developers, project managers and content editors who specialize in hospitality. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in hospitality, our team is uniquely positioned to connect travelers to a hotel that’s right for them through websites that are designed and built to be optimized for search, engagement and conversions.

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  • 02 Content Strategy & Production

    Getting the right content to the right travelers at the right time is the core of our content team’s mission. At Spherical, we match consumer needs against brand strategy, attracting each hotel’s target audience by adding value to their lives through content. By developing a content strategy around a hotel’s brand and business objectives, we plan and produce original editorial across all verticals, from arts and culture to restaurants to travel tips, aimed at driving awareness, engagement and loyalty.

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  • 03 Social Media Strategy & Community Management

    Spherical’s social media team specializes in targeted social content that travelers like and, more importantly, share. Through timely, relevant and engaging social content, driven by original lifestyle photography and editorial, we start conversations between a hotel and the travelers who are most likely to stay there. From organic social content and community management to paid social campaigns and influencer activations, we drive engagement, follower growth, website clicks and conversions for our hotel clients.

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  • 04 Search

    Research and analytics help Spherical’s SEO team understand what travelers are searching for online. Search marketing is at the heart of our approach to everything we do, especially producing content that helps travelers discover our hotel clients. Whether that is keyword research and on-page optimization or creating metadata frameworks and site structures, we stay ahead of constantly-changing algorithms and ensure that best practices are always in place.

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  • 05 Photography & Video

    Spherical’s photographers and videographers have produced thousands of assets for luxury, lifestyle and boutique hotels. We aim to create work that inspires travelers to engage, share and ultimately book a hotel online. From lifestyle photography paired with our original editorial content to commercial video shoots for online and offline use, we offer end-to-end insight, planning, development and production of creative assets.



Every brand we work with has a different story to tell and requires a custom approach to digital marketing. We start by designing a beautiful website with innovative booking technology, then build traffic through SEO-driven content marketing.
On social media, we use original editorial content and lifestyle photography as the foundation of a social strategy, developing online community through social media outreach and engagement and leveraging this audience to drive traffic back to the website.



Our team of strategists, editors, writers, photographers and designers keeps our clients ahead of the curve by creating a vision of a lifestyle that travelers want to lead.
From New York natives to West Coast transplants, our staff are world travelers who bring experience from top travel magazines and leading online travel agencies.







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