Spherical is a boutique digital marketing agency for lifestyle brands in hospitality and travel. We tell compelling stories for our clients through a creative, insights-driven approach to all things digital—from web design and development to content strategy and production to social media marketing and community management.



  • 01 Creative

    Unifying creative from start to finish ensures a continuous brand across multiple channels. It also makes for a brand enriched by the details. Every little decision means something. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to transform a transaction into a connection.

  • 02 Websites

    Our team of writers, photographers, designers, and technicians start with a simple mantra: Tell a great story. Putting substance first, and design next, our foundational approach is to develop an effective brand narrative that is a cohabitation of story and sights complementing and enhancing each other. When done well, a great visual story taps into human imagination, driving desire, inspiration, and transforming a story on a screen to a story worth telling.

  • 03 Performance

    Effective Search Marketing is the key connection between your target market, digital content, and direct booking. We measure and improve the value of every dollar spent on search marketing. How? By developing customer audiences, compelling ad copy, and robust, direct search marketing landing pages. Through keyword research and on-page optimization, as well as metadata framework and site structure creation, we stay ahead of constantly changing algorithms to ensure that best practices are always in place.

  • 04 Production

    Our ability to create a distinct style and tailored aesthetic for each client has been a cornerstone of our business since the very beginning. Spherical is recognized for beautiful, high-quality imagery, captivating videos, and creative visual content that tells a narrative and captivates your audiences.

  • 05 Content

    Content is King, they say, and for good reason. It lets you tell your story—and all the stories important to you—in meaningful ways that encourage loyalty and brand advocacy while driving targeted users to your website.

    We create content that is at once compelling to readers and deeply rooted in a strategy that ladders up to brand objectives. Our team of editors and writers works closely with our performance-marketing and web-development teams to ensure that our content is optimized for both brand-building and search demand.

  • 06 Social

    Social media is a foundational element of a consumer’s experience, especially in the hospitality and travel industries. Spherical’s social media team creates timely, relevant and engaging content. We foster meaningful conversations between brands and their audiences across platforms. And from organic social content and community management to paid social campaigns and influencer activations, we drive engagement, follower growth, website clicks and conversions.



Every brand we work with has a different story to tell and requires a custom approach to digital marketing. We start by designing a beautiful website with innovative booking technology, then build traffic through SEO-driven content marketing.
On social media, we use original editorial content and lifestyle photography as the foundation of a social strategy, developing online community through social media outreach and engagement and leveraging this audience to drive traffic back to the website.


Our team of strategists, editors, writers, photographers and designers keeps our clients ahead of the curve by creating a vision of a lifestyle that travelers want to lead.
From New York natives to West Coast transplants, our staff are world travelers who bring experience from top travel magazines and leading online travel agencies.







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