Gansevoort operates four luxury hotels in New York City, Turks & Caicos and the Dominican Republic. The highly-stylized properties each made a splash when they opened, and the brand engaged Spherical to ensure its websites continued to function at high capacity.

The strategy we implemented focused on branding, location, and services in the ad copy (rather than on price and room rate on brand searches). Additionally, we increased our overall budget from the previous year to also focus on Remarketing. In this way, we captured users who had visited the site previously but did not book. On customers’ second or third time searching, we presented a special offer and redirected them to a specified offer landing page to incentivize booking.

From an organic search perspective, there were many opportunities to implement SEO best practices. Meta content strategy and site speed were the two biggest opportunities for the team to action on. The meta content strategy consisted of rewriting and remapping the keyword map to prioritize property pages over the brand’s home page (all property terms were in the title for the homepage).


    Our SEM efforts successfully reduced spending and increased revenue. Meanwhile, on the SEO front, we successfully rerouted the traffic to the property pages, and ultimately drive more direct conversions for the properties thanks to an all-time high for keywords the site ranked for.

  • +61% YoY ROAs
  • +114% YoY Organic User Transactions
  • +173% YoY Conversion Rate

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