Danika Druttman on the Intersection of Art and Hospitality

Danika Druttman on the Intersection of Art and Hospitality

How art programming in hotels engage guests with the community.


With the rise of the boutique lifestyle hotel segment has come the rise of guest expectations. Danika Druttman, founder of Mira Muse, a bespoke arts and cultural programming company, is acutely aware that today’s travelers demand unique local experiences.

Prior to Mira Muse, Druttman led the arts and cultural programming at New York’s Roger Smith Hotel for nearly a decade. From her years of experience, Druttman has developed a keen perspective on how the arts in particular, are a creative way for hotels to fulfill guests’ changing desires. In her view, there are two ways to approach it. The “macro vision,” by which a hotel decides how art programming fits into a brand, and the “micro vision,” by which the hotel delivers a personal experience for each guest.



“Art is the most effective and authentic tool for nurturing one’s mind, spirit, and soul.”

Art installations grab the attention of hotel guests – bankers, tourists, and locals alike, while also providing an intimate space for guests to explore on their own time. And regardless of people’s reactions to art—whether people love it, hate it, don’t understand it, or are amazed by it—Druttman’s looking to evoke a feeling. “What we’re trying to do is to engage the side a human being that just wants to be entertained and the other side of the human being that actually wants to be engaged intellectually.”

And having dynamic art showcased on property doesn’t require a formal program, either. Druttman’s foundational approach is to say “Yes” to the artists, giving them the freedom to take it from there.

See our video for a conversation between Druttman and Spherical founder Adam Wallace, as they discuss how arts and cultural programming can drive hospitality forward.

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