How Hotels Doubled Mobile Bookings With Selfbook

How Hotels Doubled Mobile Bookings With Selfbook

Having transformed the former home of Hunter S. Thompson, a century-old church, and a jazz club into modern getaways in LA, DC, Austin, and soon-to-be San Francisco respectively, Hotel knows how to make the most of its environment. In addition to magnifying local culture, the hotel excels at adapting to modern guests’ needs and preferences. With a relatively young demographic, the LINE turned to digital agency of record, Spherical, and Selfbook post-pandemic to boost direct bookings with its ecommerce-friendly tools like one-click checkout and digital wallet support.

Overall Growth from 2019 to 2022

This report compares the LINE’s performance since Selfbook’s introduction in October 2021 to the same dates two years ago. Winter 2020/2021 was excluded due to abnormal pandemic travel patterns.

With Spherical leading the LINE’s performance marketing for the past two years, the marketing agency knew the LINE was a prime portfolio to rollout Selfbook. Lori Kresse, VP, Client Service and Integrated Marketing, noted, “Our early partnership with Selfbook led to the first successful, multi-property implementation. The hotel booking experience and payment methods are now meeting guests’ expectations and behavior.”

Since joining forces with Selfbook, Hotel’s three locations have experienced higher conversion rates, revenue, and average order value than even pre-pandemic. With average conversion rates increasing by 41%, an overall revenue spike of 56%, and a 17% average order value increase, the LINE has seen dramatic improvements across metrics since implementing Selfbook in October 2021 compared to its 2019 results.

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Spike in Mobile Bookings and Digital Wallet Payments

The LINE’s partnership with Selfbook has paid off significantly across devices, and has shown just how willing consumers are to book on mobile in particular. As soon as a smoother reservation process became available, mobile bookings skyrocketed. Another trend that stood out was users’ willingness to make payments using digital wallets. While the LINE’s three city locations experience notably different travel and demographic trends, all are united in consumers’ rapid adoption of modern transaction tools.

As Lil Newman, Senior Marketing Director for Hotels, says, “Since partnering with Selfbook, our guests have shown how comfortable they are booking on mobile. They’ve been great at adapting and are eager to take advantage of making quick and easy bookings on their phones and paying with mobile wallets.”

From October 2021 to February 2022, the number of mobile bookings across the LINE’s locations increased by 127% when compared to the same time period in 2019-2020. While the LINE saw a boost in bookings across all devices, its noteworthy mobile growth helped increase its share of mobile bookings from 21% in 2019-2020 to 37% today. In addition to guests adapting to Selfbook-powered mobile bookings en masse, 61% of transactions have been completed using Apple Pay and Google Pay across the three properties. This shift indicates a marked preference for digital wallets over traditional credit cards, whether guests booked on mobile or desktop.


Mobile Conversion Increases Paired With Higher AOV

From 2019 to today, the LINE properties have experienced a jump in conversions across devices, with a striking 118% increase in completed mobile bookings. While ecommerce cart abandonment is highest in the travel industry (81%), the LINE has made the most of its partnership with Selfbook to harness the tools that keep guests on its website through the entire booking process.

“Even though the markets for our hotels are quite different, they have all seen a significant boost in bookings in the past few months,” says Newman. “Our conversions are higher in 2022 than they were in 2019.” By taking advantage of tools such as one-click checkout and digital wallets, the LINE has been able to give its customer base the effortless online booking experience it has been waiting for.

In addition to driving conversions, the clean and simple booking flow enables guests to enhance their stay by viewing different rate options and upgrading with just one click, right on the room detail page. Thanks to this easy upgrade capability, not only have guests been able to tweak their stay to their liking, but the LINE has experienced a significant boost in average order value – 21% on average on mobile, contributing to an overall 178% boost in mobile revenue. The hotel’s DC location saw the highest AOV increase, at 24% across devices.


Growth Across All Properties

Overall, the LINE has experienced significant growth across the board since partnering with Selfbook in October 2021, despite varying traffic levels to LA, DC, and Austin in the fall and early winter months. The hotel’s receptive audience is indicative of just how in-demand digital wallets, easy mobile browsing, and one-click checkout are today.

The LINE also recently relaunched its website in April 2022 led by Spherical which will further enhance user experience and direct bookings. With a San Francisco property opening this summer, the LINE is set up for a successful 2022.

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