It’s Time to Start the Next Chapter

It’s Time to Start the Next Chapter

I live in New York City.

I’ve never considered leaving and don’t plan to. I work in the marketing of the travel industry. I’ve never considered changing course and don’t plan to. Yet, each morning I step into our new offices (we moved into a modified space at the Roger Smith Hotel on 47th and Lexington), I bear witness to the stunning convergence of the times. Where once the streets gyrated with movement around Grand Central, it is preternaturally quiet. Where the doors of many storied hotels once offered gateways for travelers to live out their New York dreams, those same doors are boarded shut and dreams deferred. You won’t hear me sugarcoat the reality of it all. Cities are literally on fire, people are literally fighting in the streets for justice, and the togetherness that has always ferried us through rough times is at a social distance. Things are tough. The difficulty and impact cannot (and should not) be made small. But, we can learn to be bigger. We can, even in these times, find a way forward and go.

To say “Let’s Go” in this era is as much a call to action as it is a call to our creative arms. It is an acceptance of the reality of the times and decision to be balanced by optimism. New York didn’t go away, it evolved. Rooftops converted into movie theaters, parks became stages for theater, and restaurants transformed into streetside dining reminiscent of Paris. We are seeing similar evolutions in the industry and collaborate with our clients on new ideas for translating optimism into action. We are seeing hotels reposition their brands to create greater distinction in their markets. We are seeing the reimagining of spaces for both safety and activation. Unused room assets are becoming a canvas for influencer-driven photoshoots. We are seeing a focus on brand authenticity, on establishing local partnerships, on using platforms with greater intention. We are seeing the cream rise to the top. Clients are making a commitment to the future and delivering on what matters. We’re here for it. Let’s go make an impact. Let’s go make a change. Let’s go make a way forward.

Over the next few months we will be delivering a content series of film vignettes, offering perspective, ideas, and much needed optimism.

We’ve got ideas. And we’re excited to share them with you.

If you’re ready… Let’s go!

– Cebo Campbell, VP, Creative & Technology

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