Phillip Crupi on the Fixing 500-Mile Problem in Travel

Phillip Crupi on the Fixing 500-Mile Problem in Travel

How California’s hotel on wheels is solving the ‘500 mile problem’ for the modern day traveler.

Americans today looking to travel medium-length distances face a dilemma. Often, it’s too expensive to fly, and too time consuming to drive. Enter, Cabin: a luxe sleeper bus that transports passengers between LA and San Francisco overnight.

“The whole concept was how do you save that travel time?” says Phillip Crupi, the New York-based architect who’s behind Cabin’s sleek interior design. His brother Gaetano, founded the company, aiming to help commuters between the two California cities get from one to the other without wasting a day in and out of airports, or stuck in rush hour traffic.

Before Cabin’s name and branding existed, The Crupi brothers worked side by side, evolving the brand into something more than just a sleeping bus. As Phillip worked on the interior design, the entire vision of the company transformed, resulting in a cohesive, integrated project.

Since launching in 2017, Cabin has successfully attracted passengers—often young professionals—with its sharp branding, low price point (only $84), and Millennial-friendly amenities.

Spherical founder Adam Wallace sat down with Cruppi to chat Cabin.

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