Avi Brosh, founder and creative force behind Palisociety brands, has been making waves in the hospitality industry for over 20 years – owning, developing, and operating unique hotels specific to the Greater Los Angeles area. With three inspired hotels on the west coast, and five in the pipeline, Palisociety hotels offer eclectic and aesthetic-driven experiences that mirror the local culture.

Palisociety turned to Spherical to help unify its brand messaging and build a website to showcase it properly.



Spherical was tasked with repositioning Palisociety as an umbrella brand, creating a cohesive look and feel to the Paligroup collection while at the same time differentiating each unique property.

Our team had multiple site visits and talks with Brosh, Palisociety's founder, in order to align with the group's intimate look and feel. Once aligned, our design team translated the ideas into palette and typography. We took the group's whimsical uniqueness and refined it for each property.

We unified the custom tailored projects, while speaking to the overarching ideas of neighborhood authenticity, design, and innovation. Our design and development team produced the distinctive logos, gifs, and animations while leading the creative direction for the Palisociety brand website, creating unique brand identities while remaining cohesive with the collection as a whole.

The fast-growing brand required a multi-property framework developed in concert with Spherical's rebranding of Palisociety. We created a website in which the client could easily deploy new pages in phases, from "Coming Soon" pages to partial sites or full sites with booking functionality. Each page is customizable to account for unique logos, illustrations and color palettes, all the while retaining the overarching brand identity and using technical best practices throughout.

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