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Social media is a foundational element of a consumer's experience, especially in the hospitality and travel industries. Spherical's social media team creates timely, relevant and engaging content. We foster meaningful conversations between brands and their audiences across platforms. And from organic social content and community management to paid social campaigns and influencer activations, we drive engagement, follower growth, website clicks and conversions.

Social Media Strategy

We create tailored social strategies that align with your objectives and overall brand identity. Social is a fast-paced, ever evolving marketing channel, and our team of strategists is constantly researching and evaluating industry trends to identify ways to apply them to your brand.

Content Production

A curated and cohesive aesthetic illustrates a brand’s creative direction and values, and should touch on key messaging pillars. We combine original photography—produced by our in-house team—with strategically selected UGC and owned assets to bring your brand values, voice and positioning to life on social.

Community Management

Social media is the only form of digital marketing that celebrates one-on-one conversations between consumer and brand. More than just reacting to incoming questions and comments, our approach to community management is highly proactive. We maintain positiver and ongoing relationships with users, truly building an online community.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can become valuable brand partners and content creators, helping to share your brand stories in an authentic, word-of-mouth way to their highly engaged audiences. We help connect the right people, from local insiders to global jetsetters with millions of followers.

Paid Social

To enjoy social's full potential, you have to pay to play. Whether boosting existing social posts or building out follower acquisition campaigns, our team of strategists ensures you get the most bang for your buck, maximizing your content's reach and engagement.


Social changes fast, so we continuously analyze what's working great and what's falling flat. Through monthly and quarterly touchpoints, we deliver actionable reports that provide insights for optimizing social strategy.

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