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Makers, Thinkers, Gamechanging Creators

We love a big idea. The bigger the better. Nothing inspires us more than those with a vision to create something special and profound, and share the experience with others. Hospitality and travel offer a broad canvas for visionaries to showcase amazing design in memorable locations, all while pairing food and wine, enriching activations, and details at every touchpoint to make for truly remarkable appearances. Visionaries are our kind of people and we are their kind of agency.

At Spherical, we bring the vision seamlessly to life in both physical and digital spaces. From creating unique brands from scratch to effectively pulling brand concepts through across every digital channel, we bring vision into fruition.

We've worked with the most imaginary minds in the industry. The tried and true. The game changers. The iconoclasts. The artists. If you have ideas, you're our kind of people.

Ian Shcrager






Ian Shcrager


Branding Is Immaterial

When Branding Is Done Well, You Can Feel It.

We believe branding is immaterial. Branding is the distilled spirit of the idea. While known by other agencies as simply logos and colors, branding is about abstract attributes and values which present themselves in concrete ways. Branding, at Spherical, lives across media, and presents itself in all the shapes, words, sounds, and even smells collectively narrating the foundational story of the brand’s great idea.

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Physical Experiences Made Digital

Envy-Inducing Design That Drives Bookings

We design to inspire direct bookings. To accomplish this, our team of writers, photographers, designers, and technicians start with a simple mantra: Tell a great story. We immerse potential guests into an effective brand narrative that is a cohabitation of story and sights complementing and enhancing each other. When done well, a great visual story taps into human imagination, driving desire, inspiration, and conversion.

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We can bring your experience to life in the digital space.

Photo and video production is a crucial part of our clients' social media strategy. Producing regular shoots will allow you to have creative control over your digital presence and engage your audience on a deeper level. We offer a full range of comprehensive production services from initial concept development and art direction to final deliverables, edited and formatted for their specific use. All photo and video productions are project based. We work with a pool of creative partners as well as with in-house talent.

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Social Media Perfected

Develop a community, deepen the connections

Social media is unique in that it’s the only form of digital marketing communication that celebrates a one-on-one conversation between a consumer and a brand. Community management is more than just reacting to incoming questions and comments. Our approach is highly proactive working to foster an online community of loyalists.

We believe that identifying brand advocates is key to building awareness and loyalty. Whether it’s a guest who constantly interacts with a brand on social and has a local network of friends, or an influencer with 1 million + followers, all advocates are crucial to developing positive word-of-mouth marketing.

We view influencers as brand partners and content creators. These partners not only allow us to reach a larger highly-engaged, captive audience to drive actual business results in the form of awareness, engagement, website traffic and bookings, but also serve as a source of dynamic creative assets for social and content marketing.

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Storytelling Drives Loyalty

Editorial enriches every experience

Content is King, they say, and for good reason. It lets you tell your story—and all the stories important to you—in meaningful ways that encourage loyalty and brand advocacy while driving targeted users to your website.

We create content that is at once compelling to readers and deeply rooted in a strategy that ladders up to brand objectives. Our team of editors and writers works closely with our performance-marketing and web-development teams to ensure that our content is optimized for both brand-building and search demand.

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