Conceived by renowned hotelier Ian Schrager in partnership with Marriott Intenational, EDITION is a rapidly growing brand that emphasizes individuality.

EDITION needed a new brand-level website and social media presence that would highlight the distinct nature of each property, while tying in the major elements of the brand that stay the same across its portfolio.

Spherical was tasked with designing and developing a global brand site for EDITION. On one site, we unified all global properties while also speaking to the idea behind the brand and collaborations that make it unique in the market.

Our creative team visited EDITION hotels in New York, Miami and London. By understanding how the brand changes from city to city, and more importantly, which elements stay the same, our designers were able to create a digital experience that feels much like the experience guests have at each property.

Across all property sites, we improved UI and UX design so potential guests can get a sense what makes each hotel unique. We also designed and developed a custom global navigation, which allows users to quickly and fluidly navigate to different EDITION hotels around the world—much like a jet set traveler in real life.

  • Online booking page of The Edition Hotels
  • Online page of The Edition Hotels
  • Online Welcome pages of The Edition Hotels
  • Online page showing location on map of The Edition Hotels

For EDITION’s global brand channels, Spherical, hospitality marketing agency, prioritizes a curated hierarchy of content to appeal to the brand’s audiences' growing interest in modern luxury travel with a personalized approach. Through a cohesive visual storytelling, we continue to position EDITION as a new kind of hospitality authority in local, emerging and international markets. Spherical also emphasizes EDITION’s unique brand identity that is rooted in the incredible design and architecture. The agency supports the unique brand identity through originally produced video and photography.

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