The Lake House on Canandaigua

The Lake House on Canandaigua

The Lake House in Canandaigua is new a luxury hotel set to open in summer 2020. Named one of “The 18 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2020” by Vogue, The Lake House exudes leisurely luxury, giving guests the feeling of a private lake retreat. A passion project of the family behind The Brooklyn Home Company, The Lake House was lovingly conceived to create a combination of nostalgic familiarity and modern design sensibilities. The Lake House came to Spherical with the need for a website and social media presence that would tastefully tease the opening of the hotel while portraying the anticipated feeling of lake house luxury on all digital channels.

The Lake House social approach constatly highlights a much-needed escape to nature, values family time and seeks authentic experiences. The voice of the Hotel exude a timeless charm. Neither masculine or feminine; simply friendly, charming, and welcoming. This tone is adapted for expression across all forms of the hotel’s communications, including social media, collateral, and staff and guest interactions. Our goal on social media is to re-establish The Lake House as the perfect undiscovered year-round spot to
escape everyday life and make new traditions with friends and family through strategic local storytelling, brand positioning and content creation. Drive positive conversation and build brand loyalists in social communities through engaging and authentic social content and community management.

  • Instagram post showing Frontside of The Lake House Canadaigua
  • Lake House IG May
  • An Instagram post of a Portrait hanging on the wall just above the Fire Place
  • Instagram post showing A Woman with her Hat relaxing in Boat

With the property not open yet, Spherical took a phased approach to the website design that allowed the website to grow and evolve as the property moved closer to opening, teasing out information to build interest along the way. Working in close collaboration with The Brooklyn Home Company creative team, who had a special family connection to the property, Spherical designed a website that felt clean, simple, and timeless. Illustrations from Happy Menocal were placed with intention throughout the site to highlight the artistic and fun nature of the brand, painting a picture of all the memories to come. The site began inviting guests into the world of The Lake House before the doors were even open.

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