Welcome to the LINE. Your private launchpad in the heart of loudly beating cities. A place of comfort and discovery, where check-ins become catalysts to check-out all the local offerings.

Spherical provided a full suite of web design services for The LINE hotels. Our process began with a deep dive design discovery and an attempt to match the vibrant in-hotel experience of The LINE to their online presence. The crown jewel of The LINE's website was their rich editorial content that was all but buried on their previous website. We made it front and center so that The LINE's website is led with rich storytelling. The LINE’s website was also a highly successful case study for a fully integrated booking system with Selfbook. The LINE’s Selfbook integration allows guests to easily pick and choose from a variety of stays. The Selfbook integration made it super easy for guests to sift through packages and select the most suitable option for their stay with an easy click that kept customers lock-step in the immersive brand journey.

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Having transformed the former home of Hunter S. Thompson, a century-old church, and a jazz club into modern getaways in LA, DC, Austin, and soon-to-be San Francisco respectively, Hotel knows how to make the most of its environment. In addition to magnifying local culture, the hotel excels at adapting to modern guests’ needs and preferences. With a relatively young demographic, the LINE turned to digital agency of record, Spherical, and Selfbook post-pandemic to boost direct bookings with its ecommerce-friendly tools like one-click checkout and digital wallet support.

Since joining forces with Selfbook, The LINE’s three locations have experienced higher conversion rates, revenue, and average order value than even pre-pandemic. With average conversion rates increasing by 41%, an overall revenue spike of 56%, and a 17% average order value increase, the LINE has seen dramatic improvements across metrics since implementing Selfbook in October 2021 compared to its 2019 results.

Spike in Mobile Bookings and Digital Wallet Payments

The LINE’s partnership with Selfbook has paid off significantly across devices, and has shown just how willing consumers are to book on mobile in particular. As soon as a smoother reservation process became available, mobile bookings skyrocketed.

  • 41% average increase in conversion rates
  • 56% overall lift in revenue
  • 17% increase in average order value

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